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Bakery Machinery, Turkey


Electrical and electronic faults of the machine are seen on the screen as a Picture and warned in written.
General settings of the machine are made on touch screen with PLC-controlled.
PLC program of the machine can be loaded again with a remote access in case of fault status.
Working portions and belts of the machine can be disassembled and assembled easily.
Machine is cleaned easily.
Machine is not affected by high incidence of environment temperature change.
All information of the machine is saved to memory and used all the time.
The speed settings of all conveyors in machine can be adjusted to the wanted level.
Machine is learnt easily and used.


It is the section where wanted ornaments put on Roll bread dough Roll

Natural cereals such as sesame, wheat crumb, bran, black cumin, special mixture (oat-rye-sun flower kernel), flaxseed, oat meal etc. are strewed as ornament.
Ornament unit consists of 3 main sections.
1. Section; watering section, roll dough is wetted,
2. Section; Ornament first section, onto the product is strewed while it is passing under cereal tank
3. Section; Ornament second section, another cereal is strewed onto the product passing under cereal tank, In ornament unit, photo electricity sensors activate the ornament unit by seeing where and how many cereals are strewed to product.
Cereal amount to be strewed onto product is set by touch screen,
There is a bolted-wheeled cereal restocking tank for reuse of redundant ornament cereals,
Cereal tanks can have average 25 kg product.


Machine ranks all kinds of dough to the pan and panel strip (wood pan) in wanted size automatically.
It make automatic ranking for corrugated and flat pans thanks to simple setting of the machine.

It does not make automatic ranking, stops and gives a warning if pan or panel strip are not in their places.

Weight Range : 20-110 Gr / 40-150 Gr / 50-180 Gr
Dimension : 1500 x 4500 x 1800 mm
Weight : 1300 Kg
Capacity : 11.000 Pcs / Hr.
Voltage : 380 Volt 3 Phase 50/60 Hz
Power : 8 Kw

Roll Bread Line