7/9/20232 min read

When we have a good Maintenance culture, our equipment will last for Decades and can be passed from one generation to another generation. Not only that, it will give your equipment second hand value.

I am going to be mentioning each of the Bakery equipment and tips on how best to use and maintain them.

Before I delve into these, it is best to have a good and efficient Technical and cleaning team dedicated to maintaining and cleaning the bakery equipment in the Bakery. Please ensure to switch off and disconnect all machines before cleaning.

It's also important to ensure that the electrical works in the Bakery are done properly. Each machines should have a circuit breaker in case of power surge


The bowl of the spiral mixer should be washed after the days of production. The body of the mixer should be dusted and ensured that it is cleaned as well, to get ready for the next days production.


it's better to coat the funnel of the volumetric dough divider so that the dough will not stick to the funnel. To clean the funnel, it's better to wipe with a slightly moist form. We should also clean the body of the machines incase of any stains on it. You can also wipe the conveyor belt with a slightly moist form until it's clean. The maintenance crew should ensure that there is enough oil in the oil pot and no dough should blocking the hose passing the oil to and fro


When using Rotary oven, ensure that every oil spill are cleaned after production daily to avoid accumulation, this can cause fire out break in the oven. Fix a time not long for general cleaning. General servicing should be done quarterly.